Increase in London Congestion Charge Announced


Transport for London made a startling announcement earlier this week, indicating that there would be a fifteen percent increase in the London Congestion Charge coming into effect on 16th June 2014. The increase, from £10 to £11.50, will be charged to all but what the organization refers to as essential travellers, and will be used to fund improvements in London’s roads infrastructure.

Needless to say, the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) have taken exception to the increase. According to BVRLA chief executive Gerry Keaney, “This 15% increase in the daily charge is unjustified and is in effect a tax rise on essential business users who have no choice but to drive in central London. We are disappointed that Transport for London has ignored our calls to reverse this decision, and will continue to fight this battle on behalf of our members and their customers, who operate the cleanest, safest vehicles on UK roads.”

In its announcement, Transport for London indicated that public consultation had taken place prior to imposition of the increase, which “will ensure the charge remains a relative deterrent to all but the most essential journeys into the centre of London, contributing an income of £82.7 million over the course of the next five years.”