Improved vehicle analytics available with new platform

A new online programme launched by the vehicle tracking specialists TRACKER will allow an unprecedented level of data to be collected by drivers and businesses about their cars, according to reports.

The much heralded My TRACKER platform could be put to use by anyone eager to find out how strong, for example, the economy rates of their new Ford Focus are, with the developers also saying that their programme will help to substantially lower instances of people losing their cars to theft.

Designed at domestic drivers as well as larger fleet operations, My TRACKER 'really gets to the heart of the issues affecting motorists today', according to Stephen Doran, the managing director of TRACKER; whilst many people in the past have signed up to the company's services because of the information they provide on the whereabouts of cars if they have been stolen, Doran says that the wider amount of data now supplied will appeal to drivers for many other reasons.

The main dashboard of My TRACKER features a range of information regarding key issues including time and distance travelled and fuel consumption, which the group believes will help motorists when it comes to planning how to save both money and time on their journeys.

Fully compatible with Google Maps, the device also boasts a number of other handy components, such as automatic MOT, servicing and insurance renewal reminders, as well as directions to and info about nearby amenities like restaurants and petrol stations. Doran has described My TRACKER as 'the most comprehensive available' programme of its kind on the market, and he and his colleagues will no doubt be hoping that the wider public agree.

Environmentally conscious drivers of the clean models produced by Ford UK may also be interested to learn that My TRACKER will include data about the CO2 emission rates of vehicles, demonstrating the 'green' credentials of their personal transport.

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