A leading firm of tyre manufacturers have announced that they expect sales of specialist cold weather tyres to be at their highest ever level this winter for new Ford vans and other commercial vehicles, with 80 per cent more orders already placed than was the case at this time last year.
Fleets can switch to this form of tyre from October 1st onwards, so many are already making the change, and ATS Euromaster have said that total sales are likely to be 60 per cent more than in 2011.
It is no surprise that this rise in sales has taken place, with the Met Office reporting temperatures of below 7 degrees on no less than 147 days between the beginning of last October and the end of March.
If you are a Transit van or other commercial vehicle owner, it may be wise to think about fitting cold weather tyres to your transport, with this simple step greatly reducing the risk of being involved in a serious accident on the road this winter.