How well do you know your road signs?

One of the most integral parts of the Highway Code are road signs and as a driver it is vital that you know what each sign means as they serve as either an instant instruction or to highlight any potential dangers ahead.

Whilst cars sold at Ford dealers in Somerset and across the rest of the UK now boast a variety of clever technologies to help make driving safer and more enjoyable, even they can’t identify what every sign means and that is why it is even more important for drivers to know what different signs mean.

The road signs test

To assess your knowledge we have created a test to see how well you know your road signs and to see if you have got it covered or whether you could do with some practice.

Other things you should know about road signs

If you failed, were told you needed some more driving lessons or have bits to improve then these other interesting facts about road signs should help you.

The different road sign shapes

There are three common road sign shapes; circles, triangles and rectangles and each shape means something different.

  • Circular signs give orders and are the most forceful of all signs. They inform drivers that they will need to change their course on the road ahead, which could mean changing their speed limit or that no vehicles over a certain height are allowed on a particular road.
  • Triangular signs highlight potential dangers and significant changes in the road and great examples include sharp bends or traffic merging ahead.
  • Rectangular signs inform drivers and usually come in three different colours. Blue rectangular signs are used on motorways, whilst green rectangular signs are used for directions on primary roads and white rectangular signs are used on smaller roads.

Great resources

There are a number of places where you can find out more about the different road signs and what they mean.

One such site is Driving Test Success, which lists the variety of different road signs found in the UK and what they mean.

The site also has a section of its site dedicated to all the different road signs and what they mean and Learner Driving Centres lists what a number of different road signs mean as well as having theory and driving test samples on its site.

Image Credit: Intelligent Car Leasing, Barn Images.