How Social media helped promote the Ford Fiesta

The Ford Motor Company have embraced modern technology and the latest innovations on their vehicles, so it's certainly no surprise that they have done the same for their publicity and advertising.

The company have been speaking about the recent release of their newly styled Ford Fiesta, and, in particular, the use of social media programs such as Instagram to promote and market the vehicle and its new features.

Instagram is a popular photo sharing application for smartphones that allows its users to share and store photo's and connect via social media platforms such as Facebook.  Ford launched their first venture into promoting what was fast becoming one of the most popular Ford cars for sale, the Ford Fiesta, on October 2011. With a contest called ‘Fiestagram', which lets users tag photos related to the Fiesta's innovative designs, with winners receiving weekly prizes, and a Ford Fiesta awarded to the overall winner.

To see just why the Ford Fiesta is so highly regarded for both its style and technology, why not head to your nearest Ford car dealership, such as Foray Motor Group and take a test drive? You certainly won't regret it!


Image credit: ben.chaney (flickr)