How Ford make long car journeys better

While millions of people enjoy the thrill and excitement of motoring, being behind the wheel can soon grow tiresome if you are faced with a journey lasting many hours. This is something that Ford has had in the forefront of their designs for many years, resulting in an experience that driver and passenger alike will not want to end.

Here are just a few ways in which the blue oval help to make your long car journeys simply fly by.

Technology with comfort in mind
Aside from using the finest materials in the interiors of their vehicles, Ford cars are also renowned for bringing the latest innovations and technologies to benefit the driver. Some of them are small, such as a rear-view mirror that automatically dims to avoid the driver being blinded by opposing headlights.

On the other hand, aspects such as fully adjustable seats mean that finding the perfect sitting position is easier than ever; on trim level such as the Titanium, Titanium X and Titanium X Sport, these adjustable seats also have the benefit of being electric-powered.

Another of the fantastic features that new Ford vehicles boast is climate control, meaning you can create the perfect temperature in your cabin at the touch of a button – and that’s not by opening the window! Keeping you cool in the summer and pleasantly warm in the winter, the climate control system offers pleasant fans and a variety of five different heating levels.

As well as the superb levels of climate control, many Ford cars – such as the Ford Focus and Mondeo – also offer Dual-zone Electronic Automatic Temperature Control (DEATC), allowing you to alter the temperature between the front and rear seats by as much as 4°. This means that while the children in the back may want a slight breeze, you can stay that little bit warmer while behind the wheel!

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Peace and quiet
Although part of the thrill of motoring is hearing the roar of a powerful engine, it’s fair to say that this continuous noise won’t provide the antidote for a relaxing and peaceful car journey. This is something that Ford has continued to develop in their fleet of vehicles, implementing quieter engines and soundproofing throughout to allow customers to relax and unwind while travelling.

A great example of this is through the Ford Fiesta, a model which, as Britain’s best-selling car, needs no introduction. Now into its seventh generation, it has been carefully tailored to offer the right mix of space and practicality.

Suspension that soaks up the bumps
The good aspect about the majority of long journeys is that they can – in most cases – be completed through the help of the motorway, offering mile after mile of smooth tarmac that is almost exclusive of corners. However, the experience can change noticeably if you have to head off onto a country road littered with bumps and blemishes.

This is another avenue where Ford accelerates from the pack thanks to its considered suspension system, tensile enough to take the force of bumps and dips to further enhance the experience for everyone on board.

This content was written by Ben Edwards. Please feel free to visit my Google+ Profile to read more stories.