How Ford is appealing to the younger generation


An informative article that has just been published by the American publishing and media company Forbes has highlighted and shed light on just how the motoring giant Ford are making their products appeal to younger generations.

Attracting a younger audience to a motor car is quite a task when many are more interested in mobile technology than vehicles. Research found that 46% of car drivers aged 18 to 24 have expressed views that they would choose internet access over owning car, and to top that off 68% would rather entertain themselves with everyday actions such as social media rather then visit friends and family.

Ford are aiming to counter this with is its SYNC infotainment system that is becoming readily available in new Ford cars for sale, so much in fact that a new development centre is being opened in Silicon Valley.

To find out more about just how Ford are adapting to bring cars back to the objects of desire that mobile devices have become, why not visit your nearest Ford car dealership such as Foray Motor Group.

Image credit: Randy Stern