High tech Ford features sell strongly in 2012

The impressive range of high tech gadgets which Ford have been rolling out across their models over the last few years received a strong reception from drivers throughout the UK and beyond in 2012, with their innovative new reversing camera hailed as a particular success.

The pioneering optional aid has been selected by a significant proportion of customers visiting Ford dealers around the South West and elsewhere recently; in total, 55,000 cars were sold around the world with the helpful aid included, and 11,000 of these transactions took place in Britain. Amazingly, these figures represent a 45 per cent rise on the overall number sold in 2011. The Ford Kuga was the first model to offer the reversing camera in 2008, but it is now available on most domestic vehicles produced by the company.

Success was also enjoyed by Ford's Active Park Assist system, which registered 100,000 sales in 2012. This highly sophisticated feature automatically steers cars for drivers who wish to parallel park and has, unsurprisingly, proven extremely popular amongst the public since its introduction. The full extent of the potential of the parking aid was revealed in a recent survey by Ford, which concluded that drivers generally find difficult parking situations more nerve-racking than motorway driving and, even more intriguingly, 'as stressful as Christmas shopping'.

Ford's top selling add-on, however, was the Adjustable Speed Limiter, which allows drivers to ensure their car does not exceed certain speeds so that they can be confident of staying safe and avoiding any speeding fines. Overall, in excess of 270,000 of the aids were sold worldwide over the course of last year.

Many of the used Ford cars on offer from the company's showrooms were produced before all of this incredible technology was made available but should still be considered an excellent choice for those looking for a high quality and affordable second hand model.

Image credit: Chris Dlugosz (flickr.com)