Henry Ford celebrated on his 150th birthday

Ford branches, employees and enthusiasts around the world have been celebrating the 150th anniversary of the birth of the company's founder, Henry Ford.

The Ford Motor Company, and the transport industry as a whole, is indebted to the incredible vision and business acumen of the man who built the iconic Model T, which is why the state of Michigan, Ford's home, has decided to designate the 30th July as being 'Henry Ford Day' every year from now on.

This announcement came as welcome news to those who have been coordinating the 150th birthday celebrations from the organisation's headquarters, with their efforts being echoed by the staging of special celebratory events in various countries where Ford have enjoyed decades of success, including Germany, Romania and the UK. 

Although Ford himself did not actually invent the motorcar – a common misconception that endures to this day – he was responsible for popularising it. His Model T car was the first automobile to be made available to the American public on a large scale, which led to, amongst various other accolades, the industrialist being posthumously named by Forbes magazine as the 'Businessman of the Century'.

The Executive Chairman of today's Ford Motor Company, Henry's great-grandfather Bill, said during the celebrations that his ancestor's legacy 'continues to inspire our commitment to a strong business, great products and a better world'.

Whilst it would be easy to say that Henry could never have imagined the incredible prominence of Ford Fiestas in the UK today, as well as that of a range of other models on roads across many other countries, the truth is that this kind of mass success is exactly what Ford was aiming for and, indeed, expected. From Fords in Slough to Scotland, all the vehicles bearing the famous blue oval that are seen throughout Britain and the rest of the world now are only there because of this one man's genius and ambition.