Guys in transit to hairy upper lips

A galaxy of stars will be sprouting new moustaches for Movember, among them the entire Australian test team as they try to snatch cricket's top prize, The Ashes, from England

Equally keen to be involved in this fiesta of facial hair growth are the male members of the sales team at English Ford in Poole.

But Motability specialist Kathy Malloch, her colleague Charlotte Dibben, and other female staff were determined not to be left out so are sporting false moustaches to help the men keep their focus during their transit to luxuriant hairy upper lip growth.

Sales manager Alan MacDonald has persuaded Chris Yoxon, managing director of parent company Foray Motor Group, to part with £50 from the sale of every new (retail sales only) & used car during a November special event and the team hopes to raise £2,000 as the fund grows at a speed to match their facial hair.

To check out their progress, they have just had a visit from Andy Barratt, sales director Ford of Britain, who sportingly donned a false moustache as a gesture of support.

"Growing moustaches is an easy way to support the fundraising for such an important cause and helps us make customers aware of these male cancers, too," says Alan.

"We have to explain why we don't look our usual suave selves and so far everyone has been very supportive. Hopefully, by the end of the month we will have both moustaches and a pot of charity cash we can be proud of!"

Those who wish to donate can go to and search for the team name Forays furry face of fury to make credit or debit card payments.

Kathy Malloch (front left) and Charlotte Dibben (front right) with other female English Ford staff show sales manager Alan MacDonald (second right front) and his colleagues what moustache growing is all about. At the rear (from the left) are Tom Croft, Foray group sales manager, Chris Yoxon, Foray Group managing director, Andy Barrett, Ford of Britain sales director, and Elwyn Pritchard, Foray Group commercial vehicles director.