Government pledges to lower car emissions further

It has been announced that a research and development fund, amounting to around £16.5 million, will be made available by the government shortly, so that pioneering new technology aimed at reducing car emissions can be worked on and made widely available to the public.

The Technology Strategy Board, the Office for Low Emission Vehicles and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council will manage the substantial grant, which will aim to build on the products that have been pioneered over the last few years through the low carbon Ford cars for sale across the UK.

SMMT figures show that smaller, low emission cars have become more and more popular in recent times, with Ford's groundbreaking EcoBoost engine in particular providing mainstream car buyers with a way of reducing both their carbon footprint and their fuel bills significantly.

New and used Ford cars provide some of the best value and quality environmentally friendly vehicles available, and the manufacturers' green credentials will no doubt be improved even further by the release of these latest funds.

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