The internet giant Google is set to launch itself into the van and fleet market with one of its products based upon its successful Google Mapping system.
Under the name of the ‘Google Maps Coordinates Service' the service will combine its mapping system alongside Smartphone technology to help companies and organisations to not only assign routes and jobs, but allow staff to be deployed in the most efficient way.
One research firm has determined that by the year 2015 there will be over 1.3 billion mobile workers worldwide, almost 37% of all workers across the globe.
Google are not the only internet and computer giant looking into working more in-depth with the car and van fleet, just weeks ago Apple announced that they would be working with several car manufacturers to develop a system called ‘eyes free'.
So, who knows? In the near future Google may well become a trusted partner within the fleet industry and a helpful tool for those in commercial vehicles such as new Ford vans.