Glass’s Motor Guide See Business Registrations Continue to Rise

Glass’s, the UK’s leading motor value guide, has published its review of July sales figures. The report heralds yet another month of growth in vehicle registrations figures from the SMMT, with business and fleet registrations holding the top spot in terms of sector sales.

According to the numbers published by Glass’s, business registrations rose 14% over last year with an increase of 1,180 additional registrations, and fleet registrations increased to a total of 88,256 registrations, reflecting growth of 5.4 percent over last year’s numbers.

When analyzing the different registrations by fuel type, Glass’s took note of the fact that diesel-fuelled registrations grew at 11%, while petrol-fueled registrations grew by only 1%. Alternate Fueled Vehicles (AFVs) grew by 35.4 percent to a total of 3,292 new registrations.

Based on the new numbers, Glass’s is now changing their forecasts for total vehicle registrations for the year 2014, increasing their prediction from 2.37 million to 2.44 million.