Get to Grips with Ford Winter Tyres

A recent survey has just shown that less then 5 percent of motorists are planning to buy winter tyres in 2011. Already predictions and warnings have been given by weather forecasters of ice and snow in the upcoming months within the UK, almost to the same level that we witnessed and experienced last year.

In mainland Europe a great deal of car owners switch their tyres each year but in the UK it is often the case that most drivers will continue to keep using summer tyres despite weather conditions. Having winter tyres can help immensely in snowy and icy conditions by helping your cars grip and increasing road safety.

Why not head to your local Ford car dealership and receive advice regarding winter tyres before the cold weather hits? If you are looking for peace of mind during the winter then fitting this type of safety feature to new or used Ford cars can help immensely.



Image Credit: sheilaellen (Flickr)