Geneva showcases even more Ford technology


With the Geneva Motor Show now in full swing the Ford Motor Company have been busy not only releasing and unveiled several newly designed vehicles, but explaining and promoting their in-car technology. As with many other Car manufacturers across the world, Ford are bringing many of their systems, that previously was only available in the states, to the UK and Europe.

The Idea behind the influx of recent car technology has been, as Ford's chief Technology Officer, Richard Parry-Jones puts it: ‘that such systems could make driving a lot more pleasurable and help ease road congestion', which is something at the forefront for car manufacturers across the world.

So whether you want to check Facebook on the move, listen to Internet radio whilst travelling, or even book a hotel reservation, you will find that all of these will be possible soon with technology available in Ford cars for sale from Ford car dealerships.

Image credit: Robert Couse-Baker (flickr)