Gas guzzler tax to subsidise efficient car owners


A member of the influential think tank CentreForum, Tim Leunig, has drawn up plans for a new tax scheme that would charge people more for driving inefficient ‘gas guzzlers', whilst rewarding owners of more carbon friendly vehicles.

According to reports, the Government's Energy Secretary, Ed Davey, has already given the green light to the proposals, which would see anyone purchasing one of the many low-carbon models now available from Ford car dealers granted a subsidy of £750 to go towards costs.

Revenues generated from the prospective tax could also mean that obligatory Vehicle Excise Duty payments come to an end, which is sure to be welcomed by users of new and used Ford cars alike.

The former chief economist at Ford Europe, Kate Barker, is one of several industry experts to have voiced her support for the project, which could purportedly reduce the UK's emissions by 2.6 per cent over the course of the next 15 years.

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