Gallop to Foray for fast, furious fun*


It’s the best-selling sports car in the world for the third year in a row, its manufacturer’s name begins with an “F”, and its emblem is a horse.


But this best-seller is not made in Italy and its horse, rather than prancing, embellishes the car while at a full gallop. And, what’s more, you can ask a member of the Foray sales team in Poole and place an order today.


The car, of course, is the Ford Mustang Coupe, now out-selling the Porsche 911 in the UK as buyers realise what a glorious, high-performance bargain it is. The UK, with 2,211 Mustang sales last year, was second only to Germany in Europe so what does that tell you about the prowess of the Galloping Horse?


This year sees the new 2018 Mustang hit the roads and you can have it on your driveway by talking to the team at their FordStore within English Ford in Poole. It's the most powerful yet, and boasts some astonishing additions to its appearance, performance and technology.

If you're looking for an incredible deal on the Mustang, there's limited stock remaining with PCP schemes offering 0% interest rates and payments of less than £337 per month and you can see why Mustangs are going fast.


Don’t get left behind – make a Mustang your daily ride right now with English Ford.


*Remember to enjoy your Mustang safely and legally – enjoy its acceleration and powerful feel but respect speed limits.


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