Further CO2 reduction targets for cars proposed by EU

The European Commission have submitted proposals which will aim to reduce CO2 emissions further from new cars and vans by 2020.

These new proposed cuts for average emissions will see targeted levels for new cars at 95g/km in 2020 from 135.7g/km in 2011, with a mandatory target of 130g/km in 2015.

These mandatory targets by 2020 are already envisaged within the existing legislation but still require implementation. These proposed cuts for average emissions will require thorough technical and economic analysis by the European Commission, in order for the targets to be realistically achieved by manufacturers.

Fortunately for Ford cars for sale featuring the current Ford EcoBoost 1.0 engine is well within the 2015 target, with Ford Motor company continuing to push boundaries to achieve lower emissions with new technologies and new power sources like hybrid and electric technologies.

So why not pop into your local Ford car dealers and see what new eco friendly cars will suit your future motoring needs.