Full Strength Team Ready To Drive Sales

The sales team at Edwards Ford in Salisbury is back up to full strength after a recruiting drive.

Sales manager Pete Butcher saw members of his staff promoted over recent months to different, more senior roles within the parent company, Foray Motor Group, and these staff had to be replaced as well as new places filled on the sales team.

"The Salisbury showroom seems to have become a development area for the sales team across much of the group and I saw staff disappear to fill positions in different dealerships around Foray," explained Pete.

"Foray has also expanded this year with the addition of Hine Motors in Shaftesbury, where Tim Dunning from my team transferred to become sales controller, while another of my sales staff, Ben Garrick, became sales manager at Andover Ford.

"As part of the expansion, Foray recruited 13 additional sales people across the group and several of these have come to join me in Salisbury.

"We now have the team back up to full strength in time for the September sales rush for the new 60 registration plates.

"Now all the team members are in place and fully briefed about the exciting additions that have been, or are being, made to the Ford range - new S-MAX and Galaxy are already here, revised Kuga models with an automatic gearbox are about to arrive, and C-MAX and Mondeo launch in the autumn.

"It's going to be a busy time, boosted by the recent Ford announcement of price re-alignments right across the range which is already bringing an increase in orders."