Fuel duty rise scrap welcomed by automotive industry

Leading figures within the automotive industry have welcomed the Chancellor's decision to scrap September's planned rise in fuel duty, which the Government estimates will save drivers around £21.5 billion over the remainder of this Parliament.

Ford dealers and other interested parties across the South West and elsewhere across the UK have praised the move, which means that there will now have been no such hike in roughly three and a half years; this latest cancellation, therefore, ensures that the current duty freeze is the longest for more than two decades.

The positive effect that the scrap will have on businesses reliant on long distance transport in particular has not gone unnoticed, with one principal consultant from a leading vehicle leasing company explaining that the measure should 'help keep Britain's economy moving'.

The same official was also keen to point out, however, that external market forces have still kept fuel prices high, and that motorists need to be mindful of their behaviour on the roads so that they can continue to make the most of what is in their tank.

Perhaps one of the most significant plans outlined in George Osborne's latest Budget is that of an improved level of communication between the government and operators of motorway garages. Currently, many believe that petrol and diesel costs are unfairly inflated and that there is a lack of clear pricing information when it comes to service stations, but it is anticipated that these issues should start to be resolved as the result of an increased dialogue between forecourt owners and transport ministers.

Whether you drive a new or used Ford Focus or any other model, the continued fuel duty freeze is sure to be enthusiastically welcomed, and this will no doubt be accompanied by the hope of further freezes to come in the future.

Image credit: Keith Edkins (Wikimedia Commons)