Freight Transport Association Announces Progress on License Checks

As of this month, the Freight Transport Association has completed its driver license checking service on 10,000 different driver’s licenses on behalf of its members, and in reviewing their results so far they have determined that roughly five out of every 1,000 drivers operating company cars, vans and trucks are not properly licensed to drive their company’s vehicle. The FTA service is a collaborative effort with the License Bureau, and provides its members with savings of time and money by pursuing this time-consuming costly research. By keeping their members aware when their drivers are not in compliance, they protect their members from risk and allow them complete control of driver management.

The FTA says that as a result of their efforts, most of their members are able to achieve high levels of driver compliance within a month to month and a half of enrolling in the monitoring program. Since 2013 in the License Bureau has analysed over 250,000 driver’s licenses and has found that when it comes to business drivers, there are five primary reasons why their license checks fail. These include drivers holding provisional licenses, which means that they aren’t legally allowed to drive unaccompanied or on motorways. Following this problem, the other major issues are drivers with expired licenses, drivers whose licenses have been revoked for failing to add penalty points when convicted, and disqualified drivers.