Fords pride in its sustainable material usage in new cars


Ford has been expressing just how proud they have become of their use of sustainable materials in their new Ford cars for sale, and in particular the use within the upcoming 2013 Fusion model. The Ford Fusion will be released first in America, with sources reporting that the UK version (The Mondeo) will arrive practically the same as its American counterpart.

The Ford Fusion uses recycled and sustainable materials in a number of ways, such as to help sound deadening; recycled cotton is woven into the equivalent of two pairs of jeans and used within the vehicle to help with muffling.

Seat Cushions within the upcoming vehicle have also been innovatively designed to become eco-friendly, by containing over 31,000 soy beans instead of foam or other soft material.

Seat fabrics have also seen a ‘green' makeover by now being made out of recycled plastic from bottles. The material uses exactly 38.9 recycled bottles to cover the entire Ford car interior.

So if you are looking for a vehicle with plenty of green credentials, why not head to your nearest Ford car dealers and view their fantastic range?

Image credit: Ford's commitment to "reduce, reuse and recycle": Fact Sheet