Ford are continuing their innovative approach to motoring by creating a new ‘Easy Fuel' system that has a wide variety of benefits for the motorist. Two of the largest benefits of the system, being the deterrence of fuel thieves, and to prevent what can in most cases be an expensive mistake; misfuelling of your vehicle.
Already the system is available in top selling car models such as the Ford Fiesta and Focus and it is expected to at some point be a standard fitted option on new Ford vans such as Ford Transit vans.
The system works by adding an extra later of security as the fuel cap is always secured in conjunction with the vehicles central locking system, the ‘Easy Fuel' nozzle is also located with a spring latch that can only be open by a standard size fuel nozzle,
Another innovative outcome from the system is the lack of vapours from the tank during refuelling. With so many customer benefits the system is sure to become extremely successful and a credit to the Ford Badges innovation within the van and car world.