Fords lead a blast from the past

A year of celebrations is starting to mark the 60th anniversary of the British Touring Car Championship, the series that uses Thruxton, the fastest circuit in Britain, which is right here on our home turf.


The organisers of the Autosport International Show in London have selected 10 iconic cars from the series, with Ford the only marque appearing in the list more than once.


In the early days there was the Lotus Cortina, which really helped build the image of Ford’s family and fleet favourite among motoring fans. Later still came the Sierra Cosworth 500 which quickly gained a reputation as the car to have in the BTCC, so much so that the 1990 Group A class field was made up entirely of these turbocharged Fords, which became the poster car for a generation of racing fans.


Ford, of course, still has close links with motorised competition from endurance GT racing through to rallying, all activities that help improve the standards and efficiency of everyday models.


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