Fords Indian sales increase by 30 percent

The Ford Company have just released more figures that show just how well they are doing throughout the world including some very impressive results of sales in India. A reported rise of 30% on its sales is certainly something to shout about, especially with the global market's current situation.

Between January and November, Ford India has sold 111,631 vehicle units. As mentioned, this is a very large increase. In November alone, both wholesale and exports totalled 10,091 and 8.322 domestic vehicles; that's an increase of 11% compared to November last year.

Other good news regarding Ford India's success in 2011 is the addition of three more export markets, Sri Lanka, Sierra Leone and Ethiopia, bringing its total export market countries to thirty.

This news is just one part of the automobile giant's success across the world from its factories to its Ford car Dealerships such as Ford cars Dorset