Ford working on futuristic dashboard concept

The Ford Motor Company have long been among the most popular names in the automotive business, and are famous for offering a combination of sleek design, excellent performance and great value for money. An attribute the firm has also been regarded for over the years is their passion for offering customers the height of new technology in their vehicles.

Recent reports have highlighted the futuristic elements which could become a standard feature in upcoming showroom models, with many under the impression that Ford are working on the concept of a dashboard which could be powered solely by hand signals.

A move which could completely change the way we interact while on the move, it could spell an end to dashboards and centre consoles filled with a multitude of buttons. With drivers able to open windows by using a swipe gesture, turning on windscreen wipers with the click of their fingers or even opening the sunroof through pointing, it could help to keep drivers' eyes occupied on the road rather than having to press a button to activate certain functions.

It will work by using cameras dotted around the cockpit to ascertain the intention of the driver, thus helping to distinguish between a genuine command and something that is just a hand movement. The on-board cameras will work to record the unique commands of each driver, reverting to a pre-stored set of commands should another family member or friend step into the vehicle. This is thought to be a further development of the already popular Ford SYNC technology, which is available on the majority of new Ford cars, such as the 2013 Ford Focus, and allows users to access their phone and change their music completely hands-free.

While the motoring giant is currently only in the process of applying for the appropriate patent, the technology could be available on models from Ford garages in just a few years should the claim be successful.