Ford Working on Facebook Integration

Social media is becoming more and more popular with people of all ages, meaning that it is getting more and more unbearable for many people to be away from their Facebook or Twitter accounts whilst carrying out everyday task such as driving.

Ford, who in the past have developed many systems for vehicles that rely on technology to make not only the driver more relaxed whilst driving, but also improve driver and passenger safety.

The motoring giant has just released information regarding how it is exploring ways for its already extremely powerful and popular in-car system SYNC to interact with applications such as Facebook.  Ford has been working with developers to find new and exciting ways to link the two systems and, with the help of several ‘hackers', things are slowly starting to take form.

In the future Ford cars for sale could come with social integration systems, meaning you could find an event on Facebook, and, by using voice commands, you could find directions via your Built in Ford SYSNC interface. It may be some years until before this type of technology is available at your nearest Ford car dealers, but it is certainly on its way!


Image credit: Michael Sheehan (flickr)