Ford working alongside Apple to create in-car features

With the Ford Motor Company being established as one of the finest purveyors of vehicles for over 110 years, the American car giant has had to innovate with the features and services of its fleet to ensure they stay at the very top of their respective classes.

In news which is sure to be of great interest to fans of Apple products, Ford have announced that IOS 7 in the Car, a feature which makes the unmistakable iPhone screen a highlight of your vehicle, could come as standard in future vehicles from Ford dealerships. Overlaying iPhone apps like maps, music, phone calls and messages straight to the dashboard of Ford vehicles, it could be a feature which revolutionises the way in which we interact with our vehicles and technology while driving.

Many thought that the collaboration with Apple would never materialise, especially as current systems such as Ford Sync and Ford Touch were created with Microsoft technology. However, the rumour ignited after Jim Buczkowski, Director of Electrical and Electronic Systems at Ford Research International, reported that he was set to meet with Apple near to the Apple WWDC 2013 – the event where Apple first unveiled the iOS 7 in the Car technology.

The technology is the next step for Buzckowski and the rest of the Ford team to create a seamless experience for vehicle owners. Ford are still believed to be working on how to differentiate between both iPhone mode and Ford mode, with the latter controlling customary features such as AM/FM Radio and climate control. However, once this niggle is out of the way, customers can expect to see the feature in new Ford cars as early as mid-2014, although Buczkowksi was not able to give an official launch date.
This technological advance is just another step for the Ford Motor Company, ensuring that their vehicles continue to offer a first class driving experience for years to come.

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