Ford wins at the People’s Choice awards

The Ford Motor Company has won three of the six categories in the Carsguide People's Choice Awards this year. The Australian website is one of the largest automobile websites and publications and holds the awards each year to ascertain just which vehicles are the most popular, as voted by the public.

Firstly, Ford scooped the award for Best Family Car with their ‘Falcon' model. With over 36 percent of the votes, the car was certainly the majority winner. The next category was the Best SUV award, of which Ford's Diesel Territory won.  Last (but certainly not least), was the category of First Car, taken by the ever popular Fiesta.

So, with three of six awards, Ford have certainly shown how highly regarded they have become with the general public. To experience just why Ford scoops such a large amount of awards, why not head to your nearest Ford Dealership and view their selection of new cars for sale?