Ford vow to keep Clarkson happy with new Mustang

The upcoming edition of the classic Ford Mustang will fulfil all the requirements needed to keep the notorious TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson happy, according to Roelant de Waard, the manufacturer’s European sales and marketing chief. 

One of the most senior figures within the continental branch of the iconic Michigan based firm, de Waard has assured the controversial host of hit BBC programme Top Gear that the latest version of a car that has been enjoyed by countless drivers looking for a powerful ride since it was first released back in 1964 will impress, despite Clarkson expressing concerns on his show a few weeks ago.

Responding in an interview with AOL Cars to the charge that the 2014 Mustang will lose much of its famous bite if it were to be fitted with Ford’s groundbreaking new, carbon friendly EcoBoost engine, rather than its traditional V8, de Waard said that he was unsure anyone in the automotive industry knows quite how to keep Clarkson happy, but that Ford ‘sure hope we do with the new Mustang’.

Confirming that ‘we’ll take his comments as useful information’, the marketing man went on to say that he and Ford car dealers are aware that ‘there are certain aspects of the Mustang brand that are sacred’, but that it is important to remember how driving down emissions and maximising economy in their vehicles is now an increasingly big priority for the company.

De Waard didn’t confirm whether or not the EcoBoost would replace the V8 in the new Mustang, however, and the general consensus amongst the media seems to be that the two engines will be offered alongside each other when what is one of the most widely used Ford cars of the last fifty years is unveiled in its latest form at some point in 2014.

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