Ford vans revealed as top sellers for commercial vans

Ford are now the top sellers of commercial vans in the US after research found that vans from the manufacturer were the most popular in 47 states across the country.

Ford transit vans and other commercial vans from the manufacturer are popular across the world, but the rise in sales across the US has seen Ford become the fastest-growing manufacturer of commercial vans.

In an article on I4U News, the number of IHS new vehicle registrations until June 2015 show that more businesses are opting to buy Ford vans rather than vans from other manufacturers.

It also shows that Ford vans are used by a range of businesses to do a number of different jobs, such as shuttling passengers and transporting equipment and materials to sites.

Customers like the flexibility of Ford vans

Ford vans are renowned for being flexible and that enables people from across the world to use their vans for a variety of different jobs.

Yaro Hetman, the Ford brand manager for Transit, Transit Connect and E-Series, confirmed this and said, “Transit customers appreciate the van’s flexibility because it can enable them to right-size their vehicle to the needs of their vocation.”

It is as a result of this flexibility that in some regions in the US, such as in Kansas, sales figures for Ford vans have especially increased by a staggering 28 percent in 2015.

Erich Merkle, the US sales analyst for Ford, added, “We have had just great success and it’s really driven by the big Transit, and to a certain extent the Transit Connect has been doing well for us too.”

Ford’s van success can also be seen in other countries, with a similar story in Ireland. In the UK, Ford Transit vans have been shown to be a vital part of the economy.

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