Ford had said production of the popular panel vans, which is set to be moved to Turkey, would cease at the factory in 2011 to be replaced by Transit chassis cabs.
Currently Ford produce about 35,000 vans a year at the site and have explained that the move should not affect jobs.
The site will go on to produce similar numbers of chassis cabs, which allows users to adapt the body of the vehicle for specific use. This may be seen as a step towards a more ‘one size fits all' approach to commercial vans.
A Ford spokesman explained: "The plan remains the same at Southampton but we are unsure when the next generation of Transit will come in which pushes production of the current panel vans beyond 2011 at the site." He then went on to state "The UK remains an important market for Transit."
Many people think that it will be a sad day when the final panel van rolls off the production line in the UK.