Ford Van Key to Winning MPG Marathon

The 2013 MPG Marathon, an annual event that challenges drivers to get the best possible mileage and fuel economy out of their vehicle, was held in Sheffield at Tankersley Manor, and the winner in the commercial vehicle competition was carried to their victory by their Ford Fiesta Sport Van. The competition is designed to call attention to the ways in which fuel-efficient vehicles can be combined with effective driving techniques to achieve greater-than-expected fuel economy.

The Ford Fiesta Sport Van was piloted by Paul and Doug Clifton; Paul is a BBC transport correspondent, and in his hands the commercial vehicle was able to achieve an astounding 108.82 miles per gallon – beating the vehicle’s combined mileage estimates by over 38 percent. The actual miles driven totaled 362.9 miles on just 3.33 gallons of diesel fuel. In addition to providing a teachable moment about driving techniques, the Fiesta Sport Van’s results provide ample evidence to businesses about the potential savings offered by the highly economical Ford product.

In the passenger car division Ford’s technology proved itself again, as the top prize went to the driver of a Ford Fiesta ECOnetic 1.6 TDCi. That vehicle notched a mileage figure of 88.69 mpg, as well as securing its position as top performer for a second year in a row.

Though the overarching goal of the competition is to provide drivers of both commercial and passenger vehicles with real-world examples of how smart driving techniques can provide substantial fuel savings, it also goes far to indicate the technological advances that have been achieved by Ford in both divisions. Says the event organizer Ross Durkin, “The motor manufacturers and technology suppliers have done a tremendous job in improving the fuel efficiency of all news cars and vans, but motorists should see their published fuel consumption figures as a target to beat, not the maximum achievable.”