Ford Van Awards Continue to Pile Up

Just days after the Ford Transit was named Van of the Year for 2013 by A to Z, a website that allows visitors to make side by side comparisons of different vehicles, the vehicle has received yet another accolade, the 2013 Trade Van Drivers award.

Trade Van Drivers is a bi-monthly publication written specifically for professionals who require the use of a van in order to provide their service, and it provides valuable information ranging from regulations for products that are essential for operating a vehicle as part of your trade. 2013 is the second year that the publication has recognized outstanding vehicles in the field, and both the Ford Transit Custom and the Ford Ranger got the nod. The Transit Custom won in the category of “Best Medium Van”, while the Ranger was recognized as the Best 4x4 Truck. Both awards were designed to recognize the vehicles that provide the best answers for professionals who need transport.

The Trade Van Drivers awards represent the fifteenth time that Ford’s commercial line has been recognized over this past year for the excellence represented by its vehicles. The Transit Custom has been leading the charge, and has been noted for its fuel efficiency and the technological advances that have been included in its design, while the Ranger is lauded for combining a rugged exterior with a car-like ride, as well as the extensive range of variables available.

Upon receiving the award, Ford’s sales director Andy Barratt was quick to point out their gratitude for the recognition that the line has received, both from professional and trade organizations such as Trade Van Drivers magazine and from the market itself, where they now account for 21 percent of the commercial vehicle segment.