Ford US builds 10 millionth car with SYNC technology

The Ford Motor Company has reached a fantastic milestone, after its ten millionth vehicle with SYNC technology rolled off the production line in America.

SYNC has been a revolution for Ford car drivers and has experienced a huge rise in popularity since the unveiling of AppLink - a voice activated technology to link between smartphone applications completely hands free. The fact that Ford has reached such a milestone after just six years of the technology being in production shows the overwhelming level of respect the marque holds within the automotive market.

With millions of people relying on mobile phones to connect with others in all aspects of their lives, Ford SYNC and AppLink allows them to do just this whilst driving in the safest way possible.

While congratulations are certainly in order, this seems to be only the beginning; Ford is hopeful that there can be 3.5 million of their vehicles equipped with Ford SYNC in Europe by 2015, helping even more people benefit from the cutting-edge of in-car technology. This challenge is likely to be met very quickly, considering that SYNC technology has already been successfully launched on the Ford Fiesta, Focus, B-MAX, C-Max, Grand C-Max, Kuga and Transit Custom.

When speaking about the innovation, Jim Farley, Ford's head of Global Marketing, said that SYNC embodies what Ford is all about - pushing the boundaries to transform innovative ideas into affordable, attainable and valuable technologies for their customers.

The success of the SYNC system is a great example of the manufacturer's dedication towards offering the latest technologies in all of their vehicles, improving the experience for drivers of new and used Ford vehicles in the process. If you want to find out more about what the SYNC experience could offer you, why not pay a visit to one of the Ford dealerships operated by the Foray Motor Group today?

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