Ford unveils plans for new solar-powered car


Ford has released plans for a solar-powered hybrid car that could hit roads around the world in the future.

While the sale of Ford Fiesta cars and Ford Focus cars show that they remain the most popular models produced by the manufacturer in terms of UK consumers, the plans for the Ford C-Max Solar Energi Concept, which has a solar panel system on the roof of the car, could see many people buying this new type of vehicle in the near future.

The solar panel system built onto the car actually tracks the position of the sun and is believed to generate enough power for it to travel for up to 21 miles powered purely on electricity.

The new car will be displayed at CES in Las Vegas in the coming weeks and will then head off for testing to see whether it will be practical enough to be manufactured on a worldwide scale.

Ford said in a statement that the new Solar Energi Concept will perform just as well as its plug-in hybrid equivalent, which was also recently released.

The new solar car was created by Ford with the help of the Georgia Institute of Technology and solar power company SunPower Corp. The car, despite having solar power creating capability, will also have an electrical charging socket so that it has the ability to be charged up directly from the power grid.

Ford conducted some research before building the car and found that the sun could potentially power around 75 percent of all the trips of an average driver.

Despite the research, some experts have said that cars run completely by solar panels will not be seen on the roads for several years, but that the technology could help assist certain features of cars such as air conditioning in the very near future.

This car may not be hitting the roads just yet but, in a few years' time, people may be able to purchase it from their local Ford garage.

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