Ford unveil new Ka concept

The Ford Motor Company has released details on the newest version of the new Ford Ka - a vehicle which will be released into emerging markets before heading to the UK.

The Ford Ka was something of a revelation upon its release in 1996, offering a trendy three-door compact vehicle which was designed as the ultimate way of whizzing through the crowded roads of European cities. There had been considerable doubt about the arrival of the fourth generation of the model, with many news stories suggesting earlier this year that Ka could be discontinued because of a lack of market interest.

After its eventual unveiling in Brazil, however, one clear difference with the new edition is that it has grown up considerably, increasing in size to accommodate two rear doors while incorporating the wide-mouthed grille which can also be seen on the new Ford Fiesta, Focus and other models.

While details on the engine specification weren't announced, Ford did suggest that it would offer the leading fuel economy in its class.  With this in mind, it is likely that all models will feature derivatives of the award-winning EcoBoost in order to offer maximum driver performance with reduced rates of fuel consumption and damage to the environment.

There is also no definitive news on what the interior will look like, although Ford have suggested that even entry-level examples could have features such as air conditioning and iPod compatibility. The price has also been withheld from the unveiling, with Ford executives only stating that the model will be slightly less expensive than the new Fiesta.

It is believed that the new Ford Ka will be introduced into emerging markets in 2014 before heading to the UK a year later, meaning that there may be quite a wait until it becomes available from UK Ford dealers.

Image Credit: Ford Dealer Marketing