Ford triumph with four wins at 2013 What Car? awards

The winners of the prestigious annual What Car? awards have just been announced, and Ford have emerged as the most successful of all UK automotive manufacturers for 2013.

The awards, which are widely seen by the car buying public and industry experts as one of the most accurate indicators of the quality and value for money of the newest vehicles to hit forecourts around the country, resulted in tremendous success for the Michigan-based group's latest tranche of releases.

Ford car dealers will no doubt be receiving even more attention for their models than is usually the case over the next few weeks, as consumers react to the fact that they managed to pick up victories in the supermini, family car, estate car and hot hatch categories.

The respective winners of these awards were the Fiesta, Mondeo, Mondeo Estate and Focus ST - all examples or variations of updated classics which have proven enduringly popular amongst buyers for decades. Reviews of the new editions of each of these models have been overwhelmingly positive so far, and the giving of these awards by one of the UK's most respected reviewers will add further to their warm reception.

The editor-in-chief of What Car?, Chas Hallett, backed up the decisions by commenting that Ford are simply 'building great cars', as they always have done. Hallett was full of praise for the company's entire range, stating that their vehicles are excellent to drive, highly reliable, attractive and, overall, sound investments for anyone looking to upgrade.

For those who do not feel that they currently have the available budget to justify buying a brand new model, it would still be well worth exploring the extensive selection of quality used Ford cars for sale across the South West and beyond. With each of the models that won in the 2013 What Car? awards having successful and highly regarded previous editions, all customers should be able to locate a high performance yet great value vehicle for themselves.

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