Ford Transit lauded for impressive UK economy boost

A recent study has revealed just how valuable the humble Ford Transit is to the UK economy, finding that each model generates thousands of pounds each and every year.

While the Ford Transit has been an iconic vehicle amongst tradesmen and other roles of work for over 50 years, the recent study has uncovered that the average van contributes more than £30,000 to the UK economy per year.

Each Transit worth over £30,000 for the economy

The study, carried out by a leading used car expert, analysed the sales data from 84,000 models sold over the last eight years. After working out that the typical model sold is six years old and has an average of 105,000 miles on the clock, it found that each vehicle contributes a staggering £196,350 by the time it goes to auction. It means that each Transit provides £32,725 per year.

A model which was first unveiled by the motoring giant back in 1965, the Ford Transit quickly won praise and has been the best-selling commercial vehicle for more than four decades. The Ford Transit is a global icon for the blue oval, available from your local Ford van dealerships in Andover to as far away as Australia and Asia.

When speaking about the development, Barb Samardizch, Chief Operating Officer for Ford Europe, said: "Most people see the Transits and other work vans on the road every day and don't realise how vital they are for business at large, as well as the overall economy.”

This is not the only study published recently that shows just how important the Ford Transit is. In July, a study by the Centre for Economics and Business Research revealed that van-dependent businesses in the UK contributed £120 billion to the economy in 2014 – read more in our blog post.

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