Ford Transit Fitted with LPG System Saves

Andy McGarvey is a courier who needs to make sure he’s operating his business as efficiently as possible. Eleven years ago he switched from a diesel vehicle to a Ford Transit outfitted with an LPG system, and since then he calculates he’s saved over £20,000. McGarvey bought the van in 2003, and since then he’s put over 225,000 miles on while traveling back and forth between Preston and London. “When the recession hit, I was able to cut my prices because I was using LPG,” he says. “At the time I also had a diesel Mercedes Sprinter 311CDI with about 50% more load space than the Transit, but everyone went for the cheaper Ford because it cost less even if it needed two trips that the Mercedes could have done in one.”

McGarvey says that “As a logistics company, I’m always looking for new opportunities to cut costs. LPG costs me about half what petrol or diesel would. To get to north London from Preston is 230 miles, which costs £38 on gas but would cost £80 in petrol. The last six years have been very tough financially and without the big savings I’ve made using LPG I’d have gone bust. I’ve kept my head above water thanks to LPG so it’s no exaggeration to say it’s been a real lifesaver for me.”

He wishes that he could get another one, but Ford no longer is making it. “To be perfectly honest I’d buy another used van that’s been converted to gas.”

Editorial comment: An interesting article but I think Mr. McGarvey would be very surprised at how incredibly economical the new Transit diesel vans are.