Ford Transit Econetics Vans Adopted by Kier


Kier, the construction, services and property group, has recently announced that they have adopted the Ford Transit Econetic van for their fleet needs in Stoke. The vans were chosen based on being able to offer the company flexibility, full customizing, and significant fuel efficiency upgrades.

Taking advantage of the vehicle’s ability to meet custom specification needs, company managers collaborated on variations that meet their staff’s working applications and sought additional feedback from the staff that would be driving and utilizing the vehicle before placing their final order. The result was a van that has a custom racking system and a larger interior that effectively reduces the waste of cutting down materials to fit inside. The vehicles are also considerably safer because materials can be placed inside the vans instead of stowed on top of the vehicles.

The fleet manager for Kier indicated that the custom racking system is also expected to cut down on work-related injuries that occur when drivers have to enter and exit the vans.

In addition to the technical upgrades to the vans’ storage systems, the Ford Transit Econetic will offer an expected ten percent cut in fuel use, as well as accelerations controls, technology that minimizes fuel consumption by reducing needless idling and speed controls as well.