One of the largest fleet and van resources on the internet has given a glowing review to the new Ford Transit Custom model, adding to the growing list of enthusiastic responses it has received from the public and industry professionals alike.
The latest in a long line of highly regarded Ford Transit vans , the Custom has been recognised by the reviewer for many of its many positive features, who also predicts that it will shortly become one of the best selling vehicles in its class.
In a lengthy piece which sings the praises of aspects of the Custom, such as its sophisticated use of technology and favourable fuel economy rates, commercial expert Dan Gilkes sums his review up by saying that the van's spaciousness and all-round enjoyable driving experience is ‘impressive' and ‘ticks a lot of boxes'.
The Transit Custom is just one of the many great quality and affordable Ford vans in Dorset that are currently available, although this reviewer points out that it could prove to be amongst the most successful to have been released for many years.