Ford Transit celebrates 50th birthday

It was on 9th October 1965 when the Ford Transit van hit British roads. After many years of ruling the commercial van sector, the model has celebrated its 50th birthday.

From its humble beginnings the Ford Transit van has become arguably the most popular commercial van over the past couple of decades. Ford Transit van dealers in Andover and across the UK can back this up, as sales for the model demonstrate the popularity of it.

The Courier, Custom, Connect and Transit vans from Ford cover the small to large van line-up, and it is estimated that the car manufacturer builds around 600,000 a year across the globe.

A look back at the 1965 Transit

An article on the Telegraph has looked back at an old Ford Transit van from 1965, which is apparently rarer than the likes of the Jaguar Mk2.

The article notes that the original Ford Transit was the first joint project between Ford GB and Ford Germany.

It soon became a hit as the light commercial vehicle offered car-like comfort and handling qualities. It was as a result of these types of qualities that the market sector was fondly known as “Transit-sized”.

Customers buying modern-day Ford transit vans that are found in Ford van and car dealerships in Poole and other dealerships around the country do not have to pay extra for a passenger seat, but when the Ford Transit was first released in 1965 customers had to pay extra for it to be fitted.

The first-ever Ford Transit van cost just £542 and this brought instant success to the model. After its integration onto British roads, new models were built and were improved.

This has culminated in today’s successful and reliable models as the new state-of-the-art workhorse has a range of advanced technologies for drivers to use. The new Ford Transit models also come in a range of shapes and sizes, as drivers can choose from a variety of wheelbases, cab-styles, roof-heights and engines.

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