Ford tops the New Zealand car market


The Ford Motor Company has once again been proving to the world just how popular it has become due to the quality, affordability, and performance of its vans and Ford cars for sale.

Figures released show that New Zealand has become one of the latest countries to embrace the Blue Oval, with year on year growth figures showing that Ford are in the number one position, increasing in sales by 27.1% compared to last year.

Ford has commented that the available vehicle line up in New Zealand has been a major factor in the company's sales success during the past 12 months. The new Ford Ranger has been at the top of the list for vehicle buyers, with it even being voted NZ Autocar's Car of the Year.

Just this month Readers Digest New Zealand voted Ford as the most trusted motoring brand in the country, certainly another reason why Ford car dealers are seeing so much interest in recent times.

Image credit: andyarthur