Ford top for new drivers in the UK


A new poll has been carried out by insurance company Aviva that give an insight into new motorists and just how they afford their first vehicles.

Historically, first time car owners funded their own cars, with figures dating back to the 60s showing a large percentage, 80%, putting up the funds to get themselves on the road. The new figures have shown that many younger motorists are having their first car paid for them by parents or other family members.

Not only did the insurance find that family members are more likely to have paid for a first time drivers vehicle, but also that the average age of new drivers has risen from 21 to 25, comparing figures from back in the 1960s.

With so many great vehicles on the market, many new drivers are taking to the road in new cars, with parents choosing new vehicles for their reliability and improved safety ability.

The insurer's survey found that the top five first cars over the past fifty years included three models of Ford car: the Escort, Fiesta and Anglia. With so many great new and used Ford cars for sale, they are still one of the first choices for new drivers to this day. To find out why, visit your nearest Ford car dealers for a test drive.