Ford to upgrade its virtual reality testing simulator

The Ford Motor Company is at the forefront of developing technology to enhance and test its vehicles. The company have announced that they will be upgrading one of their most advanced safety design tools, their virtual reality simulator.

The state of the art Virtual test tack experiment (VIRTTEX) simulator is used mostly to study driver behaviour and performance, helping to create and envisage some of the most useful and up to date safety features and technology.

Ford is the only auto producer in America that uses a high fidelity motion detector simulator.  Developed in 2011, the device has helped to create many of the great features that you can experience on new Ford cars for sale today. Without the simulator, much of Ford's collision detection systems and heads up displays wouldn't be available on vehicles at your local Ford car dealership.

Who knows just what the newly upgraded virtual reality simulator will help Ford achieve in the future!


Image credit Phillie Casablanca (flickr)