Ford to unveil new F-150 at Detroit Auto Show


As the New Year approaches, Ford has been dropping hints that it will be unveiling its eagerly anticipated new Ford Aluminium F-150 car at the Detroit Auto Show in January.

The new 2015 Ford F-Series car, the carmaker's best-selling truck, is set to include a number of changes, as it will not only be made out of aluminium but will also improve driver's fuel consumption by approximately five miles per gallon.

This latest Ford news follows on from the recent announcement that the latest Ford Ka for sale will be available from 2015 in Europe. For now, though, fans will have to be content with the new 2015 Ford F-Series vehicle showing off its new design at the Detroit Auto Show, with Ford telling the crowd the reasons behind its decision to adapt the current F-series model.

Ford's Chief Operating Officer, Mark Fields, says, "Part of our strategy is to put all our vehicles on a diet."

This strategy will see Ford attempting to reduce the weight of all its models by 250 to 750 pounds, with the manufacturer's aim to reduce the F-series truck by 750 pounds.

The new Ford strategy comes as a result of new federal mileage mandates in the US that will gradually come into effect between 2016 and 2025. These new guidelines are aimed at reducing the emissions that all cars produce in a bid to make vehicles "greener".

The price of the soon to be released Ford F-Series truck, which has been one of the best-selling vehicles for Ford across the world, has not been announced but many analysts are predicting the new model to go up in price compared to recent models, as the new car will be using the more expensive aluminium material rather than steel.

The new 2015 Ford F-Series car will be sold in Ford dealerships across the globe and it is predicted to turn the world of trucking upside down.

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