Ford to train thousands of young drivers in Europe

Ford is set to invest €2.9 million throughout 2016 to enable thousands of 18-24-year-olds across Europe to undertake free driver training sessions.

This training, which is aimed at young drivers lacking experience, is part of the Ford Driving Skills for Life scheme. In 2016, the programme will offer free training to young drivers in the UK, Spain, Turkey, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Russia, France, Poland and Romania.

Although new cars and Ford vans in dealerships in Salisbury and across the rest of Europe now come with a range of safety features, motor accidents are the leading cause of death for 18-24-year-olds in Europe.

Ford scheme can save lives

Since its inception in 2013, the Ford Driving Skills for Life scheme has seen the automaker contribute €9.6 million to help young drivers learn more about driving safely on Europe’s roads.

The hands-on classes cover a range of topics such as vehicle handling, speed, space management and hazard recognition. Risks caused by using social media at the wheel, such as taking selfies, texting, the dangers of driving after taking drugs and drink driving are also covered in the programme.

Speaking to the Ford Motor Company Media Center, Jim Graham, who is the manager of Ford Driving Skills for Life, said, “Too many young adults are dying in car crashes caused by a combination of inexperience and poor decision making.

“With this new €2.9 million investment in young driver training for 2016, we can provide a further 7,000 young people with the skills and knowledge that could save their lives.”

The programme has been a huge success with over 650,000 people across the world and 13,500 drivers in Europe benefitting from the programme.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, the AA Driving School and road safety charity Brake have all partnered with Ford in the UK to help promote the programme. YouTube stars are also promoting the scheme and a number of videos on YouTube have been released – you can see one below.


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