Ford to take new Mustang to top of Empire State Building

The Ford Motor Company is preparing to celebrate 50 years of Ford Mustang, with the blue oval planning to unveil its sixth generation on one of New York's most iconic landmarks ahead of its feature at the New York Motor Show.

One of the most iconic vehicles created by the Motor Company in its glittering history, the Mustang is marked as the creator of the ‘Pony Car' class and is unmistakable for its long hood and short rear deck. The latest version is among the most anticipated arrivals from the firm, standing alongside the new Ford Ka, Focus and Fiesta.

As part of the incredible plans, Ford will be displaying an all-new Mustang on top of the Empire State Building a whole 54 hours ahead of its unveiling at the New York Motor Show, replicating the same campaign used for the car's launch back in 1965.

At the time, Ford decided the best way to get the car to the top was by slicing it into three sections and transporting it into the sky by using the building's lift system. To add a traditional touch, they will also be using this method for the 2014 launch, despite the car being 18cm longer and 10cm wider. Using computer technology, engineers will identify the best places to slice the car before placing them onto custom-made racks. Once the parts are on the observation deck, where it will reside from 16-17 April, they will have a window of just six hours to put the car back together.

With the same model scheduled to reach Ford dealers in the UK by 2015, this offers a better chance than any for prospective owners to see the model in the flesh. If you have planned a trip to the Big Apple during the period, be sure to head up the Empire State Building and admire this incredible sight.

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