Ford to spearhead household efficiency drive

It has been announced that Ford will be at the forefront of a major new campaign aimed at educating more people on how to harness 'green' technology in order to save domestic power, reducing both household bills and the negative environmental effects of wastage.

The latest Ford cars for sale which have appeared on the manufacturer's forecourts over the last few years have been receiving much praise for the fine example they have been setting in the field of sustainable transport, with lower carbon emissions and the groundbreaking EcoBoost engine leading to impressive sales figures of their new models around the world.

Now, Ford are looking to expand knowledge of the energy saving potential of their products to more than ever before, and have formed a collaboration to this end with several other companies committed to more widespread use of green technology, including the white goods giant Whirlpool and the solar panel distributors SunPower.

Officials from the firms involved have estimated that the measures they will be proposing could lead to an amount of power being saved equivalent to that currently used by 32 million homes in western countries. The ambitious project is to be known as MyEnergiLifestyle and will also focus on how the various energy saving products available from the six companies who have signed up to be part of the scheme are also fully compatible and can be integrated with each other to maximise efficiencies.

At the heart of the whole project will be Ford, whose developers will be keen to point out the various ways in which their electric vehicles can be powered and charged, including via the harnessing of solar energy and cloud-based energy software. Both new and used Ford car dealers already stock a wide range of models which offer drivers above average economy rates, but this latest programme will no doubt increase public perception of this and highlight the range of highly efficient options now available.

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